Occupy: What it's about.

We're one election away from the total destruction of 'life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness' in America.
The 2014 election - If we endure one more election where good people can't be bothered to vote, we'll all be living under the laws of religious extremists and reicht wing authoritarian police state rules. 
The reicht wing is more than happy with their candidates, and will fall all over themselves to continue to vote for the <1% millionaires who are corrupt, contemptible shills for the party of the <1%. They don't care about facts or the corrupt members of their own party. They only care about the corrupt democrats, and they believe that the poor people (50% of Americans) are the problem, not the <1% corporations, banks, and wall street psychopaths who have been destroying our country from the inside for over 100 years. 
Occupy began because both parties are FUBAR, but the lesser of the evils is ... well, less evil. We need to turn the heat up under the feet of our elected representatives. Apathy is no longer an option.